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Panasonic tower

It was together built by measures, such as the major company which assigns the head office in Osaka and Osaka in order to make the area contiguous to Osaka Castle Park into economy and 1 commercial large base.

the MID urban development (old things and Matsushita Kosan --) which was a real estate associated company of Panasonic TWIN21 and IMP (International Market Place) which expression and the Kansai Electric Power real estate development manage are begun, Yomiuri Telecasting, the Sumitomo life (it does not try not to be only for a classic concert in the entrance of an office building, but there is a hole), KDDI, the Tokyo Marine Nichido fire, FUJITSU, NEC, the Kinki Osaka Bank, KAJIMA, etc. have prepared the office building.

Osaka Business Park Station (Osaka City Subway length ditch Tsurumi [ Midori ] ground wire) was completed as the nearest station in 1996, and the further fullness of traffic access was achieved.

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