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Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, the Azuchi Momoyama period to built in Settsu Higashinari County Ikutama Zhuang Osaka, Japan of the castle that has been renovation in the Edo era.

The whereabouts is carried out to present Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka.

Also known as the Kinjo (Imajo. Also referred to as Kaneshiro).

It is specified as the special historic relics of the country as the "Osaka Castle archaeological site."

Kyoto Tower rises up greatly in front of the Kyoto Station Karasuma central mouth.

Height including the Kyoto Tower building used as a pedestal is the highest building in those with 131m, and Kyoto.

It was decided that the Kyoto Central Post Office built in the land of the Kyoto Station north side will relocate in 1953, and practical use of the former site after a move was considered.

Moreover, this land is a thing which hits the front door in international culture tourist city barrel Kyoto, and the front of Kyoto Station, and the land practical use which is suitably rich in public responsibility in it again was called for.

establishment of an incorporated company product tourism center (it is Kyoto Industrial sightseeing Center behind) is decided by a Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry-sponsored round-table conference -- the following -- it established on April 11, 1959.


Kyoto Tower

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